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Bartoli Stefano
Via Pisignano, 28/30
50026 San Casciano Val di Pesa, Prato,

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Wine, grappa, olive oil

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The history. From the beginning, ours has been a story composed of simple things wholly dominated by a love of tradition and a desire to reaffirm and broaden our commitment to Sangiovese and other native varieties.
With determination and constancy, we seek each year to improve our products in order to create an identity and a value that stands out from the crowd.
There is no pleasure like that of finding in a wine the colours, the perfumes and the character of the territory in which they originate.
Sangiovese, an irascible, capricious and stubborn variety, is still capable of absorbing the characteristics of the soil in which it grows, transforming the limestone and marl that had always impoverished this land into marvellous essences, which are the region’s most sumptuous and representative expression.
Our wines are produced in a restored 19th century cantina furnished with cutting-edge avant-garde technology, but which also uses equipment that most have by now abandoned, such as the cement vats that are still capable of guaranteeing excellent results today
Engraving of the Etruscan comb.
The hypnotic and fascinating symbol selected by Poggiopiano as its logo is an ancient Etruscan engraving on a small ivory comb.
Two mythological winged creatures with human heads are shown in profile, looking each other in the eye.
The two embracing figures look like elegant flowers in the act of blooming.
The two creatures symbolize Nature and Toil, which, drawing vitality reciprocally from one another, blossom into the exquisite products that grace our tables each day.
This marvellous metaphor explains better than a thousand words what Poggiopiano is.
Our wines express the tasty flowering of the encounter between the hard earth of Tuscany and the constant, devoted and watchful intervention of man and his techniques.
Passion for quality. At Poggiopiano are born five great wines, two grappas and an extravirgin olive oil. We dedicate our most attentive and rigorous care to each of these products to ensure that they always measure up to our high standards in light of the many sacrifices made to create them.


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Fattoria Poggiopiano
The history. From the beginning, ours has been a story composed of simple things wholly dominated
Via Pisignano, 28/30 San Casciano Val di Pesa, Toskana Italy 50026
Latitude: 43 deg 40 min 12 sec N Longitude: 11 deg 10 min 12 dec W
http://maps.google.com/maps?f=d&hl=en&geocode=&saddr=&ie=UTF8&z=6&daddr=Toskana,San Casciano Val di Pesa Via Pisignano, 28/30 50026
+39-0558229629 Bartoli Stefano Wine, grappa, olive oil
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