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Winery Tenuta La Chiusa
Winery Tenuta La Chiusa, Portoferraio, Tuscany   With a vineyard directly overlooking Portoferraio, "La Chiusa" estate takes its name from the wall enclosing it, along with the 20 hectares (roughly 46 acres) of surrounding... Find out more
, Island of Elba,
Winery La Spinosa
Winery La Spinosa, Barberino Val D'Elsa, Florence, Tuscany   La Spinosa was established in Tuscany in 1982: a group of friends, almost all of whom already had professional expertise in the farming sector and already worked for other... Find out more
, Florence,
Winery Fattoria Poggiopiano
The history of Winery Fattoria Poggiopiano, San Casciano Val di Pesa, Tuscany   From the beginning, ours has been a story composed of simple things wholly dominated by a love of tradition and a desire to reaffirm and broaden our... Find out more
, Florence,
Winery Fattoria Casa di Terra
Winery Fattoria Casa di Terra, Bolgheri, Maremma, Tuscany   The company Fattoria Casa di Terra was founded in 1950 by the grandparents of the current owners Julian and Jessica Frollani, Bolgheri, Maremma in the heart of Tuscany.... Find out more
, Livorno,
Winery Fattoria del Teso
Winery Fattoria del Teso, Montecarlo, Pisa   In a typically Tuscan countryside, surrounded by pines and cypresses, the Fattoria del Teso in Montecarlo, Pisa covers an area of about 70 hectares.   The main building is highly... Find out more
, Pisa,
Winery Podere Scurtarola
Winery Podere Scurtarola di Lorieri, Massa, Massa-Carrara   From more than 150 years our family produced wine from "Candia" vineyards of Apuan hills in Tuscany. We winified only grapes that grow in our vineyards.   Our... Find out more
, Massa-Carrara,
Winery Tenuta Podernovo
Winery Tenuta Podernovo, Terricciola, Pisa, Tuscany   Tenuta Podernovo is a charming hillside vineyard situated in the town of Terricciola, in the prestigious and up-and-coming wine-making zone known as the Colline Pisane, a hilly region... Find out more
, Pisa,
Winery Fattoria Le Poggiola
Winery Fattoria Le Poggiola, Serravalle Pistoiese, Pisa   Le Pòggiola is just over twenty hectares.   The land of the Fattoria Le Poggiola, Serravalle Pistoiese, Pisa, Tuscany is predominantly marley soil making it... Find out more
, Pisa,
Winery Tenuta di Montecucco
Winery Tenuta di Montecucco, Montecucco-Cinigiano, Grosseto, Tuscany   The winery “Tenuta di Montecucco“ is located in the region Maremma-Tuscany, in the town Cinigiano of the province Grosseto.  In this small region of... Find out more
, Grosseto,
Winery Fattoria Artimino
Winery Fattoria Artimino, Carmignano, Prato, Tuscany   The Winery Fattoria Artimino, Carmignano, Prato, Tuscany is surrounded by 732 hectares of land and looks back on a history of man, fertile soil and wine.   84 hectares of... Find out more
, Prato,
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